The Define School – The Art of Styling

What an honor it was to take The Art of Styling with Anna Naphtali. Yep, I doubled up on Define School courses this term. (Told you I was a junkie.)

While reading the very first lesson, I actually had to pause halfway through to cry. Anna poured everything she had into creating meaningful lessons for us over the past four weeks.

This course, while a wonderful resource of effective compositional techniques, was really a bootcamp in discovering everything that is beautiful. Anna helped train my eye to find inspiration everywhere I looked. Not to mention, once again, the community acted as a phenomenal source of inspiration and growth.

I was fortunately able to collaborate with an old friend, Julie, for this, my final assignment. Julie is a New England girl to the core. Her love and appreciation for this place creates in her a sense of calm and peace, even in the icky and melty March snow. Add in some bacon, coffee, and a subtle sunrise, and Julie could teach anyone the art of being present.

Julie Winter Breakfast-0164.jpg
Julie Winter Breakfast-0180.jpg
Julie Winter Breakfast-0201.jpg
Julie Winter Breakfast-0204.jpg
Julie Winter Breakfast-0206.jpg
Julie Winter Breakfast-0218.jpg
Julie Winter Breakfast-0221.jpg
Julie Winter Breakfast-0235.jpg
Julie Winter Breakfast-0246.jpg
Julie Winter Breakfast-0266.jpg
Julie Winter Breakfast-0284.jpg
Julie Winter Breakfast-0307.jpg
Julie Winter Breakfast-0334.jpg
Julie Winter Breakfast-0339.jpg

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