The Define School – Building Your Business

What can I say? I’m a Define School junkie. This class, taught by Christine Pobke was challenging in that I really had to evaluate myself not just as an artist, but as a business person. I loved it not only because I got to make pretty excel spreadsheets again (thanks international business degree that gave me those skills years ago!), but because I was once again surrounded by passionate folks who fuel me. Really, it was four weeks of discovering and subsequently owning my value.

One thing the Define School does really well is community. I’ve never felt more supported, inspired, and encouraged than in the simple forum discussions and the instructors’ devotion to their students. While the format for this community is fostered through online communication, this time, I had the amazing privilege of connecting with one of my fellow students IN REAL LIFE!

Victoria lives about 45 minutes North and is so wonderful I can hardly stand it. We were able to meet up and collaborate on one of our assignments, which I was so thankful for! It was so refreshing to sit across a big table with a fellow photog, drink coffee, talk shop, and panic a little over our challenging assignments.
Here’s some special frames from my afternoon adventuring with Victoria.

Building Your Business-0054.jpg
Building Your Business-0105.jpg
Building Your Business-0118.jpg
Building Your Business-0119.jpg
Building Your Business-0139.jpg
Building Your Business-0149.jpg

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