Snow Day – Black Rock, Bridgeport, CT

Jess Snow-9810.jpg
I had doubts it was going to happen at all, but here it is. Our first snow day of the year! I’m like one of my students in that I crave these days as much as they do. Sure, the unexpected break is special, but what’s even more special is the snow itself.
How. Freaking. Magical.
Add my favorite Black Rock babe to the snow that was sticking everywhere and I’m in heaven.
If you’d like to get dibs on the next snow day, send me a message and I’ll put you on the snow day wait list! I could do this for forever.

Jess Snow-0079.jpg
Jess Snow-9818.jpg
Jess Snow-9837.jpg
Jess Snow-9845.jpg
Jess Snow-0089.jpg
Jess Snow-9883.jpg
Jess Snow-0136.jpg
Jess Snow-9870.jpg
Jess Snow-0139.jpg
Jess Snow-9980.jpg
Jess Snow-9915.jpg
Jess Snow-9925.jpg
Jess Snow-9907.jpg
Jess Snow-0094.jpg
Jess Snow-9939.jpg
Jess Snow-0037.jpg
Jess Snow-0056.jpg
Jess Snow-0083.jpg
Jess Snow-0014.jpg
Jess Snow-0132.jpg

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