Rachel and Doug – CT Engagement Photography

Rachel Doug Feature.jpgThey’re getting married. And soon.

They know they’re stepping into the unfamiliar, but even more, they know they can trust one another in the risk.

The risk that is opening their hearts to newness in their love. To more adventures. To more of never saying no. To more wackiness, sincerity, kindness, and smiles.

May you look back in 20 years, Rachel and Doug, and remember the freshness and excitement of your love at this sunrise.

Rachel and Doug-3650.jpg
Rachel and Doug-3694.jpg
Rachel and Doug-3623.jpg
Rachel and Doug-3653.jpg
Rachel and Doug-3709.jpg
Rachel and Doug-3754.jpg
Rachel and Doug-3856.jpg
Rachel and Doug-3877.jpg
Rachel and Doug-3889.jpg
Rachel and Doug-3969.jpg
Rachel and Doug-3961.jpg
Rachel and Doug-3922.jpg
Rachel and Doug-4105.jpg

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