Memorial Day – Feasting in Liberty – Bethel, CT

I didn’t bring my camera. “I don’t shoot events,” you’ll probably hear me say.

But, halfway through “The 50th Annual Mancini Memorial Day Wine Tasting and Lobsta Bake”, I had to steal Alex’s camera.

This was more than an event. It was family: a group of people feasting, celebrating, praying, and thanking God for the gift of life and liberty brought through the sacrifices of others.

This post may be horrendously late, but I’ve been cherishing this day for months. I’m excited to share these images and this precious time with you.

Memorial Day 2014-4753.jpg
Memorial Day 2014-4755.jpg
Memorial Day 2014-4740.jpg
Memorial Day 2014-4758.jpg
Memorial Day 2014-4765.jpg
Memorial Day 2014-4770.jpg
Memorial Day 2014-4773.jpg
Memorial Day 2014-4797.jpg
Memorial Day 2014-4895.jpg

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