From intimate elopements to roucous dance parties, we want to be at your wedding to laugh, cry, and celebrate with you.  We take a journalistic approach to your wedding day, acting as flies on the wall and capturing everything necessary to tell the story of your celebration: the setting, characters, action, climax, and every emotion that makes your day unique.  Packages range from 6-10 hours and include both of us, which allows us to capture the moments you'll remember forever and the ones you didn't even know were happening.



Your wedding day shouldn't be the only time you and your signifcant other have professional portraits made. Engagements, anniversaries, buying your first home - all accomplishments of your love and all reasons to celebrate. These sessions take place in your home or in a special location as we seek to reflect the wonder of your relationsihp. Many wedding packages include a complimentary couple seesion so you can get comfortable in front of our cameras and we can get to know you even better before your big day. 


We believe in comfort. We want you to feel comfortable not only in front of our cameras, but with us as people. Particularly on your wedding day, where we spend nearly every hour by your side, we want to add value to your experience by being your photographers and friends. We love to meet all of our clients in person before a session so we can get to know one another without a camera between us.

We believe in honesty. In being brave by showing us your silly and serious self. To show us how you tangle up with each other when it's just the two of you at home and how you crinkle your nose when you laugh really hard. Just being you makes for the best photographs.

We believe in casual joy. Many of our brides end up barefoot with muddy dresses and faces that hurt from all the laughing. The happiest day of your life should be the happiest day of your life, not a whirlwind that you stress your way through. We value the warm and candid moments between you and your loved ones and give you freedom to delight in it all.

We believe in the tangible. Every package we offer includes prints because we believe photographs are meant to be held, not stored on hard drives that can easily crash and fail. We want you to snuggle up with an album in your lap and make even more memories together as you share the memories in your special images. Instead of working for 15 minutes of internet fame, we work for 150 years of legacy built within you and your family's hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel?

Since we are both full time teachers, our travel is limited during the school year. Still, please ask us about our traveling availability as we love any excuse to snag ourselves a delightful AirBnB for the weekend.

What are your prices?

We have some fun pricing guides filled with more information about us and the packages we offer. We're eager to share these with you. Get in touch through the contact form above or by emailing

If your business were a food, what would it be?

After much deliberation, we decided we are a bacon egg and cheese on a Harborview croissant. We're comfortable like a bacon, egg, and cheese - who doesn't love a good BEC - but we add in a little something special and unexpected, like a buttery croissant handmade by Alex's father.