I Believe in These – Greenwich Polo Club

I’ve been taught to never post a photo in which I don’t fully believe. I’m not totally proud of these (chalk it to experimenting with a new camera (a Fuji x100s..fancy!), the harsh mid day sun, and our mess of blankets, coolers, plates of food, and solo cups), but I fully believe in each one.

Really, I believe in these people. These amazing people. My people. I believe in their friendship and their encouragement. I believe in their smiles and their laughter. I believe in their love of sunshine and good taste. I believe in their generosity and quality time.

A few Sundays every summer we make our pilgrimage to Greenwich for polo. As Chelsea would say, it is the best thing about living in Connecticut. It’s here, as hooves pound deep in our chests and grass pokes between our toes, where we get our first sunburns of the summer and sense the first crisp breeze of fall. We drink and we eat. We laugh and we learn. There is only gratitude for the time spent with these lovely folks who I am proud to call my friends.

Compositionally, these images aren’t anything special, and yet, they stand out as the most special.

Greenwich Polo June-1113.jpg
Greenwich Polo June-1130.jpg
Greenwich Polo June-1119.jpg
Greenwich Polo June-1143.jpg
Greenwich Polo June-1136.jpg
Greenwich Polo June-1138.jpg
Greenwich Polo June-1148.jpg
Greenwich Polo June-1141.jpg
Greenwich Polo June-1162.jpg

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