Gina – Shuttle Meadow Reservoir

One of the best things about photography is being able to share it with other people. To marvel together at the beauty of light. To share tips and tricks. To encourage one another in creativity. To empower one another to grow.

I am thankful for Gina. In fact, if it weren’t for Gina, I wouldn’t have even thought of re-pursuing photography. It was her inspiration, heart, and talent that gave me the courage to pick up a camera again. (Check out some of her work HERE!!!)

So of course I said yes when Rebecca asked if Gina and I would photograph her family together this weekend.

She took me to the reservoir in New Britain, an area I had never been, to scope out a good spot before the family arrived. The air was warm for November. The light was brilliant (I’m a sucker for flare). And I was humbled.

Here are some of my favorites from practicing before the shoot with the Kellams (Stay tuned for that!)


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