Emme – A Glamorous (and Brave) Girl in the Snow

The most important thing you need to know about this shoot is that THIS WAS EMME’S IDEA! I did not force my roommate to suffer from numb extremities and public embarrassment (while looking fabulous). No no. This was all her. (:

One of the many things I appreciate about Emme is how she encourages others towards creativity. Life became more lovely when we moved in to our little apartment over two years ago. Her gift for making everything more beautiful was particularly appreciated on a day like December 14th as we remembered personal and communal losses.

Her solution to sadness? Wear a fancy dress in the snow and create.

So we went to Happy Landings. Where the wind blew the snow freely through the open space. Where we ran around like crazy people. Where we got stuck in brambles. Where we laughed at our inability to use our frozen hands. Where we made some friends who thought we were crazy and/or wanted to take pictures with us.

Where we filled the loss in our hearts with beauty.

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