Danny and Tammy – They’re Sure – Stamford, CT

A wise friend once advised me to wait for a man who is seemingly more sure than I am about being together. I’ve held onto this advice and have watched as my darling girl friends find men who absolutely adore them, filling me with the utmost hope. An observer by nature, I’ve identified this attribute amongst couples but didn’t realize that the very ones enveloped in this secure love were actually aware of what I, the outsider, was identifying as “sureness.”

But then I got an email in which both Tammy and Danny expressed how they’ve never felt more sure about anything in their lives. And I think these images prove it.

What an honor it was to spend the morning with these two, their love, and their little pup, Chip, near their home in Stamford.

Tammy and Danny-0382.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0405.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0421.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0412.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0431.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0439.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0463.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0473.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0484.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0488.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0490.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0494.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0503.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0509.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0544.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0568.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0587.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0591.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0596.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0645.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0626.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0610.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0639.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0662.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0685.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0739.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0754.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0765.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0775.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0779.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0810.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0807.jpg
Tammy and Danny-0825.jpg

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