Chelsea and Aiden – Shallow Brook Farm

If photography has taught me anything, it’s patience. Even now, I sit here and wait for the words with which to describe this sunrise with Chelsea and her beloved Aiden.

Patience. Aiden needed it. Chelsea needed it. I needed it.

Aiden became sassy at this upset to his morning routine. Chelsea became frustrated with Aiden’s sassiness.  I became discouraged and uninspired.

The sky was getting brighter, but a big hill blocked the sun’s direct rays. The light was simply flat and “meh.” Aiden wasn’t following Chelsea’s lead and wouldn’t stay still for even the 1/700th of a second on which I had my shutter set. Neither the light nor my subjects were cooperating.

“I’m sorry.  I’m just not loving any of the shots I’m getting.” I admitted defeat.

We brought Aiden to one of the pens and he calmed down some, but I was still ready to quit. I realized I knew nothing about horses, let alone photographing them.

And then the sun peeked over the hill. And everything changed.

Aiden stood still in the golden light and turned to his sweet and snuggly countenance. The beautiful and magical moments came and we all breathed.

I had wrongfully given into disappointment, only to be reminded that glory is coming. You just have to wait.

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