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Had my dad never forewarded me a CraigsList ad for an opening at the reading center at which Cara worked, she and I would never have met and my life would be less lovely. Long summer days of intensive reading intervention were filled with joy not only because of the precious children I got to work with, but because of Cara’s laugh and her appreciation for learning. Her infectious love for the children she works with is enough to invigorate anyone towards wanting to be a teacher. Some of my happiest working memories involve Cara joining my sessions, which often resulted in us collecting an anthology of adorable things kids say. We still laugh about them years later.

No longer coworkers, but still friends, we make a point to keep up with our adventures. These adventures often involve nerdy things like words, books, museums, historical graveyards, and 1/4″ thick slices of bacon when we were both vegetarians. This time, we added photography, brilliant French food, and Tudor City where Cara lives. Her cozy studio apartment is hidden inside this community of stained glass, little parks, lampposts, and brilliant views of the river, the UN building, and the elusive Manhattanhenge.

Here are some special moments from our day. Sunshine in New York City is always a good thing.

Cara Winter City-9239.jpg
Cara Winter City-9228.jpg
Cara Winter City-9242.jpg
Cara Winter City-9250.jpg
Cara Winter City-9271.jpg
Cara Winter City-9268.jpg
Cara Winter City-9276.jpg
Cara Winter City-9284.jpg
Cara Winter City-9286.jpg
Cara Winter City-9334.jpg
Cara Winter City-9332.jpg
Cara Winter City-9350.jpg
Cara Winter City-9364.jpg
Cara Winter City-9367.jpg
Cara Winter City-9410.jpg
Cara Winter City-9418.jpg
Cara Winter City-9454.jpg
Cara Winter City-9448.jpg
Cara Winter City-9467.jpg
Cara Winter City-9491.jpg
Cara Winter City-9515.jpg
Cara Winter City-9545.jpg
Cara Winter City-9529.jpg
Cara Winter City-9540.jpg
Cara Winter City-9547.jpg
Cara Winter City-9557.jpg
Cara Winter City-9574.jpg

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