Cape Cod – The Gold – Brewster, MA

We knew it couldn’t be forever. It never is. The sun always returns, and on the Cape, this is what it looks like.

So we gathered for the golden sunsets with our wine, cameras, and chocolates. We broke the fresh, crusty, bread hand delivered to us. And on a clear night, we lit a rainbow of lanterns and lifted our faces upward.

This is the Cape we know.

Cape Gold-2738.jpg
Cape Gold-2733.jpg
Cape Gold-2762.jpg
Cape Gold-2703.jpg
Cape Gold-2756.jpg
Cape Gold-2757.jpg
Cape Gold-2784.jpg
Cape Gold-2791.jpg
Cape Gold-2786.jpg
Cape Gold-2805.jpg
Cape Gold-2795.jpg
Cape Gold-2870.jpg
Cape Gold-2888.jpg
Cape Gold-2899.jpg
Cape Gold-2900.jpg
Cape Gold-2908.jpg
Cape Gold-2928.jpg
Cape Gold-3118.jpg
Cape Gold-3104.jpg
Cape Gold-3124.jpg
Cape Gold-3128.jpg
Cape Gold-3130.jpg
Cape Gold-3135.jpg
Cape Gold-3164.jpg
Cape Gold-3148.jpg
Cape Gold-3171.jpg
Cape Gold-3165.jpg
Cape Gold-3173.jpg

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