Becca – Bridgeport, CT

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The storm was supposed to be a big one so we all hunkered down.

The weathermen lied a bit, but I’ll never complain about any inch of snow, surprising sunsets, and pajama days with my favorite people.

This is Becca. I live above her now and she often fills the house with decadent smells of baked goods and delicious dishes. In fact, as I write this, I’m sitting on her couch, delighting in some of her homemade bread and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. You should…nay…NEED…to check out her brand new website, Whisk and Brush, to see the lovely things that she is up to.

And…if you would love your OWN snow day session, look no further than this link: The Snow Day Sessions.

Here’s to more snowy adventures on the coast!

Becca Blizzard-5241.jpg
Becca Blizzard-5267.jpg
Becca Blizzard-5259.jpg
Becca Blizzard-5286.jpg
Becca Blizzard-5302.jpg
Becca Blizzard-5269.jpg
Becca Blizzard-5289.jpg
Becca Blizzard-5321.jpg
Becca Blizzard-5349.jpg
Becca Blizzard-5353.jpg
Becca Blizzard-5360.jpg

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