Beauties of Film

The long anticipated revelation of beauty. That’s what I love most about this brave return to film. In my younger days, I meticulously recorded every frame I shot and the settings carefully chosen for each. It was technical and I wanted to get it right. There were hardly any surprises.

I still want to get it right, of course, but it’s hardly my focus anymore. Instead, there are often people looking so beautiful in front of me that I have no time to think. I just need to capture their likeness forever. And then I am left with the longing and wondering if  this 36 year old camera was able to help me do just that.

Since I no longer record each composition in my notebook, each roll is a surprise. I get real nervous, actually, each time I get one back.  I know there will be  mistakes I made and the frames that are just missing something. And I get sad about having so far to go and so much to learn.

But this last roll…

This last roll made me gasp.

This last roll was filled with only lovely people in my life.

And it was simply perfection. Not because of any technical skill at all, but because…well…look at these beauties…

Beauties of Film-44270003.jpg
Beauties of Film-44270005.jpg
Beauties of Film-44270006.jpg
Beauties of Film-44270011.jpg
Beauties of Film-44270015.jpg
Beauties of Film-44270017.jpg
Beauties of Film-44270019.jpg

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