everyday we’re snugglin’

We're Alex + Cassie Torres and we're a couple of homebodies in love.

We proudly call our fixer upper in Bridgeport, CT home. It's where our cats are, afterall.

We believe that:

  • the best part of our day is coming home and snuggling each other nice and hard.
  • cheeseburgers were made for first dates because our idea of love isn't found in the "pinky's up" formalities.
  • love gets built when you're barefoot in your kitchen, concocting something, splattering coconut milk all over your counter.

We want to take pictures of you in moments like these. When you're at your best selves. When you're most comfortable. When you've got your feet up on the coffee table, having a tickle fight, and falling more in love.

Alex + Cassie Fun Facts

  • We married each other...twice. Once at an abandoned lighthouse with our closest family. Another time at a big white barn with everyone we know and love. 
  • It all started with a swipe right. Yep. Tinder.
  • We were both photographers and high school teachers when we met. English and Biology. Super Nerds Unite.
  • Our favorite color is pottery. Blue pottery. From our favorite potter in Cape Cod. His name is Clay.
  • Last year, we bought our first home. Our very own fixer upper. A 1928 Tudor that's all shapes and still needs new doors.
  • That's where we hang out most (all) of the time now. It's where our cats are.
  • We love wine. But we unapologetically transitioned to the boxed kind for at home consumption.
  • We'll still splurge on rare local IPAs. As needed.
  • The snooze button gets worn out. By both of us. Weekdays, weekends, naptimes. Whenever.
  • We named our cats after our favorite foods. Sprout and Porkchop. Well, "Pork Belly" didn't sound as good.
  • We're terrible at selfies. But we thrive off of taking YOUR picture. 

Ready to invite us to your wedding?

Why Beet & Blossom?

In short, we named our business after our tattoos: a colorful beet and black and gray blossoms. Our photography style mixes the essence of these tattoos. Our images are vibrant and soft, delicate and earthy, masculine and feminine. Here are the stories behind them.

From Alex: The Beet

The beet tattoo came from an experience I had back in Burlington, VT when a friend and I went to a farmers market to pick up dinner ingredients. I was more a "steak and potatoes" kind of eater back then, but I was pushed beyond my comfort zone when we ended up with beets on the menu that night. They. Were. Incredible. It completely changed my perspective on food and on life. I nearly instantly became more creative, more willing to try new things. Incredible to think eating something could have such a profound effect, yet beets remain as a constant reminder that going beyond your comfort zone is a good idea.

From Cassie: The Blossom

My magnolia blossom tattoo was inspired by a spiritual experience while I attended college at James Madison University. During a time of uncertainty and questioning, I walked under a flowering tree on campus and right on cue, the petals rained down all over me. They covered my hair and got lost in my backpack. I was filled with an overall peace that felt like a personal love letter from God. Ever since, flowering trees in spring remind me of Jesus' affectionate love for me.