Your wedding is Day One

...not the culmination of your relationship.

You're not fussy or concerned with having the most pinned wedding on Pinterest. You just want a day that you can celebrate over and over again. An excuse to bust out the good whiskey and cheers to the sweet beginning and foundation of your love.

You'll probably eat BBQ and bring in some rare IPAs to share with your guests. You're both gonna cry, a lot. And you sure as heck ain't scared of no PDA. 

You can't wait to hug your friends, hard. You can't wait to handwrite your thank you notes together. And you definitely can't wait to frame your favorite pictures and hang them in your home, which is your favorite place on the planet.

You want your photos to capture all of this. You don't want to feel too posed or fake. You want to recognize yourselves and everyone you love in your wedding pictures. You're a couple of deep feelers and you want your photographers to get it. 

We're in the business of creating pictures that feel like home.

Wanna see what we mean? Take a peek at our portfolios below.

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from couples turned friends

"Thank you both for spending the day with us and getting to know us..." 

"Honestly the best gift we've ever received..."

"I didn't anticipate that bonding with your photographers is a thing, but it's a thing..."

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